Instructional unit plan

Topics: The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby, Arnold Rothstein / Pages: 19 (4542 words) / Published: Nov 25th, 2013
Instructional Unit Plan
Crystal McClain
MTE 539/Curriculum Constructs and Assessment Secondary Methods
June 27, 2011
Rachel Wurmlinger, Facilitator

Instructional Unit Plan
1. Overview of Unit
A. Title – 20th Century Socialite: The Great Gatsby
B. Focus – English/Language Arts; 11th grade (Honors): The focus of this unit is to introduce students to the characteristics and elements of contemporary American literature and to allow students to relate the themes of the novel, The Great Gatsby, in a meaningful way to increase understanding.
C. Length – 1.25 instructional weeks (six 50-minute sessions)
D. Goals – Students will understand that American literature contains unique and specific elements by reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Also, students will recognize themes in Fitzgerald’s work by examining modern pop cultural products (multimedia samples, newspaper articles, music videos, etc.).

2. Lesson Plans 1-5
Lesson Plan #1
Title: The American Novel
Time: 50-minute session
Standards: Georgia Performance Standards:
ELA11LSV1 (indicators a-h)—Actively participates in whole group verbal interactions.
ELA11LSV2 (b)—Analyzes techniques used in media messages for a particular audience and evaluates effectiveness.

1. After watching an introductory presentation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (TGG), students will be able to identify the characteristics of the American novel with 100% accuracy.
2. After viewing You Tube video and working in small groups to complete an anticipation guide, students will understand the concept socialite with 100% accuracy.
PowerPoint presentation containing background and introduction of TGG
Link to Sean Combs and Ashton Kutcher’s All-White Party:
Smart Board Technology
The Great Gatsby Anticipation Guide
The Great Gatsby (school copy)
Vocabulary Sheet—Chapters 1 and 2
The Great Gatsby Study Guide

References: Henry County Public Library. (2011, Summer). Teen Summer Reading Program. Retrieved June 27, 2011 from PACE/Parents Advocating Challenging Education (2011). Life of Gatsby. Retrieved June 27, 2011 from Task Stream

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