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Inspiring Person

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My assignment is to write about someone or something that inspires me. The obvious answer would be a relative such as my mother, father, brother, etc. Yes, my mother is my superwoman and my brother is my hulk, but I want to choose someone that has no blood relation and someone that I know God has placed in my life for a reason. As I sat and pondered on whom that person could be. Only one person came to mind and no matter what I did it stuck in my mind and I can truly say had every reason to. That person was a teacher, a coach, and a mentor to me. Her name is coach miller, or in my words “mama miller”. She treated all her students with a sense of care and showed that she wanted to help. I can honestly say even though I was on her volleyball team for the first two years I thought she did not like me, but as time went on I saw things differently. The reason I choose mama miller as a person that inspires me is because in 2008 when my mother was admitted into the hospital because of her burst intestines throughout the entire and hardest time of my life miller showed compassion. She did not really know my mother at all but in hearing the news you could see the sense of care that came upon her. Even after my mother was out of the hospital she continued to ask if she was ok or even how she was. I found that as a person that had no relation to someone but could care so much had a heart of gold. Her impact in my life comes not only from her warm heart but from her motivational conducts. She was my coach and teacher. She helped me build my leadership skills throughout high school and because of that I can say that I applied what I learned to my life today and that has so far led me to success and seeing a bright future ahead. I can go on and on but in all my words would be Thank you mama miller.

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