The Inspirational Dreams, Views and Teachings of Great People: This essay discusses leaders such as Martin Luther Kink Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and even various prophets.

Topics: Nonviolence, Martin Luther King, Jr., Leo Tolstoy Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: January 23, 2003
The Inspirational Dreams, Views and Teachings of Great People

History is made up of significant events, which shape our future and exceptional leaders who influence our destiny. Leaders such as Martin Luther Kink Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and even various prophets. Their contributions to our history place them in this unique position.

Each of them has their own stories, dreams, views, beliefs and goals in life; and yet they are also similar in a vast amount of ways. My objective here is to compare and contrast these leaders as well as discussing the connection to modern day prophets if any.

In order for Mahatma Gandhi to reach his ultimate goal, he had to prove worthy of its rewards. All that Gandhi wanted is for people to begin to respect his ideas and see that his belief truly was just. Gandhi spoke of non-violent resistance as a method to help the opposing side see how they were committing sins. Gandhi used inspirational words to encourage his people. He was motivated to begin fighting for Indian rights after being humiliated, and then he had faith that he could help India achieve independence. He knew that if Indians remained nonviolent and forgave the enemies, they would someday be rewarded. To show his responsibility and commitment to the fight Gandhi was subject to fasting, abstinence or the use of non-violence as a political tool. Gandhi led many campaigns, organized strikes, and stayed true to him self just to convey a message to the people. Gandhi claimed to be no more that an average man with less than average ability. He did not want any special advantage for what he did. He believed that any man or women could achieve what he had, if he or she would make the same effort and grow the same hope and faith.

Martin Luther King Jr. took the lessons taught by Gandhi to the oppressed of India, and applied them to the oppression of the blacks in America. He also used words of wisdom to encourage his fellow African Americans, to see how deserving they...
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