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Topics: Project management, Management, Team Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: July 17, 2011

Our group for the Team Project consisted of Janet Hackler, Jevona Maniex, Charles Gibson Jr, Vinh Ha, Enje Brown and I. The team was assigned to work on Portfolio Management process by which the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) would decide on what projects would fit into its current portfolio, adopt processes and methodologies to monitor and make changes to the portfolio based on the overall strategy of the company. The team made the decision during the first meeting to come up with a portfolio plan for Chevron. The team divided each sections required to complete the paper among team members which helped in prioritizing our work especially in early stages of the project. We will meet virtually once or twice a week and talk about our progress and what we have accomplished or some challenges we are facing in completing our tasks. This is an important part of t he first stage of the project completion so that we can redistribute or reassign task ahead of time. There was no assigned leader or subgroups. We work as a team all the time. We are comfortable sharing our strengths and weaknesses and help one another complete the task without arguments. Communication, as in any project, was a very important aspect of this project that made it successful. By discussing our availability during the entire course, we were able to plan and schedule our weekly meetings which helped provide a positive and productive setting. We were provided WEBEX meeting access, a team area was created through our student portal where we can post the draft paper, and have discussion forums to avoid the risk of losing information necessary to complete the project. By using such a platform, team members were able to review and make edits to the papers. When the situation called for decision making, we were open for comments and agreed on what to do next. Most of the time, our decisions helped guide the team towards a successful project....
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