Innovative Leadership Brief

Topics: Annual report, Financial statements, Balance sheet Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: October 29, 2014

To: Mark Massen
Subject: Company Analysis

2013 and 2014 Procter & Gamble Co. annual reports offer downloadable, colorful copies. The reports are separated in four parts and clearly show their leading brands with pictures. Both of the annual reports' tones are courteous and professional. The annual reports convey the information of company year's operations, financial reports and confidence for future development. The structure of these annual reports are fairly formal and reader friendly. This company seems credible and professional based on the overall tone and structure of these reports.  

In the management report, CEO A.G.Lafley wrote a letter to shareowners stated P&G's business goal, financial performance and future business strategy. In fiscal year 2014, P&G has met its business and financial targets. This persuasive evidence proved how P&G has the capability to survive in the competition. Mr. Lafley said P&G will focus on leading innovation, improving execution and driving productivity to gain profit in the next year. (P&G, 2014, p1)  

Risk factors part is contained in the front of P&G annual reports (P&G, 2014, p12-16). It is vital to clarify both external and internal risk factors to shareholders. After disclosing these risk factors, shareholders have the rights to make the decision whether they will continue to invest in the company. Senior management views as an essential part of the strategic planning, industry management and risk management processes. Many corporations have disclosed and managed risk factors to help the company having better performance. (Samad-Khan, 2008, p29)  

2013 and 2014 consolidated statement of income for P&G are attached for your easy reference. They both list the same accounting elements and recent three years financial statistics. In the 2013 Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income, the annual report lists 2011, 2012 and 2013's financial statistics....

References: Lafley, A. (2013, July 15). 2013 annual report. Retrieved October 20, 2014, from
Lafley, A
Samad-Khan, A. (2008, February 12, 29). Enterprise risk management. Retrieved October 20, 2014, from paper Modern ORM.pdf
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