innocence of a pornstar

Topics: Pornography, Pornographic film, Thought Pages: 3 (572 words) Published: April 26, 2014
Yash Chandra
Writing Seminar – 29
Karen Van Meenen
April 10, 2014

Assignment #5: Injustice towards Pornstar

A person’s life is filled with conflicts but not all the conflicts deal with them disagreeing with them or are important enough to write about. I faced this exact problem when it came to the decision of choosing a topic to write, but I hit an eureka moment, when I thought, “Why not write about a recent viral news that made me chose sides?”. So, here I am writing how I totally support Belle Knox, the Duke pornstar, who paid her tuition my doing pornographic films.

Recently, a freshman from Duke University, decide to go in the pornography industry, so she could afford to pay her university tuition. Surprisingly, the school has no problem with her doings, but apparently for this girl the university is not the issue, it’s the media and the outside world that is looking down on her with disappointment and anger. People have called her names at her school, which has basically made her avoid people; news reporters have questioned her and basically debated about her choice of having a pornographic career. It become a hot topic and was on every media source for a week.

The media was the reason she was exposed and forwarded to the world. Her intentions were simple. Since she was a nymphomaniac, she did what she loves to do as an source of income. She kept it private and legal, until some one leaked the video to the media. Third, the university, her parents, her friends, and millions of viewers that appreciated her work supported what she did. These are some facts that everyone should know because, the news anchors do a very good job burying them with their morals and advertising their views. The most ironic part of this commotion is that the media is focusing on Belle for her choices, but not the reason she was pursuing this choice. The reason was to her tuition off. The media has totally neglected the fact that tuition rates are so high, that...
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