Informative Speech

Topics: Beer, Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: February 26, 2013
There are numerous problems with the outline below. Review the outline and catalogue the problems that fall under the following categories: (1) Content
(2) Organization
(3) Sources
(4) Achievement of specific purpose
(5) Symbolization

SPS: To inform my audience about binge drinking on college campuses. CIS: Binge drinking is a significant problem on college campuses, there are alarming statistics about the prevalence of binge drinking, and how binge drinking affects the lives of other students. Org Pattern: Topical

I. Have you ever been to a party and drank too much? How much is too much? II. A Penn State student clung to life in the emergency room on her 20th birthday with a blood alcohol level nearly seven times the legal limit. III. This could be you if you drink underage.

IV. This could be you if you binge drink.
V. Today, I am going to discuss the problem of binge drinking on college campuses, give some frightening statistics about binge drinking, and how binge drinking affects the lives of other students.

(Transition: Before I discuss the problem of binge drinking, I will give a definition of binge drinking)

I. What is binge drinking?
A. Binge drinking is the consumption of 5 or more alcoholic beverages in a row for men and 4 or more in a row for women B. Binge drinking has severe effects on the body
1. Blood alcohol content depends on a number of factors, including the drinker’s size, build, and metabolism, in addition to the amount of food in the stomach. 2. Blood alcohol content is a measure of intoxication.

(Transition: Now that you know what binge drinking is, let’s look at how it affects individuals and the campus community). II. A 1998 Harvard University study by Henry Wechsler found some revealing statistics concerning college students and alcohol. A. Both men and women participated in binge drinking

1. 48% of college men and 39% of college women admitted to...
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