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Topics: Crime, John Wayne Gacy, Serial killer Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Speech 101 D
Delivery Outline
Attention getter: Take the time to think, how well do you know the people you call friends? Reveal topic: John Wayne Gacy was one of the Notorious Serial Killer in the United States. Thesis: Gacy was one of the well-known serial killers during the 1970’s. Credibility: In a 1982 news paper article from the Washington Post News “Gacy killed at least 33 young teenage boys by lower them to work for him.” Preview: We will look at details involving gacy life such as his early life, Serial killing, and his trial. Transition sentence: Let us begin with how he was raised.

I. Gacy Early childhood life
A. Attended Catholic school
1. He was not a very popular kid in school.
2. According to Racheal Bell in the Crime Library, “He always remained active with other children and thoroughly enjoyed outdoor scouting activities.” B. Family relationships
1. Gacy relationship with his mother and sisters were very strong. 2. According to Racheal Bell in the Crime Library, “his father was an abusive alcoholic who physically abused his mother and verbally abused him and his sister. Gacy deeply wanted to gain his father devotion and attention.” Transition sentence: Now that you have a better understanding of his early life, let’s talk about the Serial killing. II. Serial Killer

A. Pogo the Clown/Killer Clown
1. His alter ego was one of the ways he lower young boys in his home. 2. According to the Crime and Investigation crime files “Gacy had convinced his self that his alter personality Jack Hanson had committed the murders and was trying to frame him for them.” B. According to the Crime and Investigation crime files “Gacy was making sexual advances to young employees within his father-in-law’s restaurant.” 1. Mark Miller was one of gacy’s first victims which had gotten away. 2. As said in a 1975 article from Chicago Tribune states, “Gacy just couldn’t resist his urges of making sexual...
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