Informative Essay Black Ops 2 Halo 4
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I. I’m sure many of you have played video games, or at least heard of video games.
There are many different types of video games. Some examples are arcade, MMO RPG, FPS, strategy and many others.
II. Today I would like to talk about two different FPS (First person Shooter) games, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. These are two of the most common FPS series games out today.

I. Black Ops 2 is a more current era military bases FPS. It is a sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops. A. Campaign mode is takes place on two different parts. Both recounting events in 1980 and 2025. 1. Different from past call of duty games, Treyarch has decided to change the story mode to a sandbox type of game play. 2. This means that at the end of every mission, the ending may change on players choice. a. They may take different paths throughout the mission to determine the ending. B. Multiplayer is the more popular part of black ops 2 1. Treyarch has made a few changes to the class set up, different from other call of duty games. 2. The create a class system was changed to a 10 point system, allowing players to determine how many perks, attachments on (primary or secondary weapons), and lethal and tactical equipment. 3. Black Ops 2 also has a max level of 55 and allows you to prestige up to 10 times. 4.There are several different game types. These include hard point, kill confirmed, wager matches, team deathwatch, and several others. C. Zombies is also another popular game type in the call of duty black ops series. 1.Players may play solo or with others while battling increasing hordes of zombies. 2. Weapons are obtained by purchasing them from a random mystery box, or at several places along walls. 3. Perks are obtained by visiting soda machines. a. Some examples of perks are, juggernaut, speed cola, double tap, and quick revive. 4. There has been a few changes to the games modes in Black Ops 2 zombies, different

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