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CMNS110 essay

The future of entertainment revolves around technology, video games are becoming more and more realistic and innovative. The increasingly realistic and exciting nature of electronic games has helped to make them enormously popular with children and youth. According to the entertainment software rating board (esrb) in 2010, 67% of households in the US play video games and the majority are adolescents and teenagers. Therefore, the fact that the majority are adolescents and teenagers is interesting because they’re in stage of development and most of them want to create their own identity. Every year the gaming industry releases many different games which give the gamers a diversity of roles in the games. They can split up the game into two hostile parties, most of the time it’s the struggle between hell and heaven or light and darkness. In addition, the developers also give a range of choices of characters, classes and roles in the game so the gamers can choose what suit them best. Therefore, in this essay it’s interesting to study how video games which are based on technologies can reveal the players’ identity in the game atmosphere.

Electronic games: a promising open world entertainment in parallel to television According to the NPD Group, a global market research company, in 2009 video game industry has made a total of 10.5 billion in revenue with a sold of 273 million units. Therefore, this makes the video games become one of the biggest entertaining media industries. Video games are like most other forms of media, may be categorized in to genres based on many factors such as method of game play, types of goals, art style and more. For instance, if a gamer is interested in soldiers, wars and combat, he or she will be more likely to choose a First Person Shooting Game such as the famous series Call of Duty or Battlefield. Another example to illustrate this is strategy games which require lots of thinking and strategy planning from gamers. In another words, it’s not just playing the game, in order to complete the game or to win other players, the gamers have to think and carefully organize a good tactics to beat others. Besides these kind of games, video games also takes part in education. For example, a novice to computer can learn to type on the keyboard by playing the Mario Keyboarding Game. This game was designed to teach novices to type and enjoy the game at the same time. Consequently, beginners at computer can learn to type on keyboard by playing this educational games. Television and video games have a few points in common and different. In their article, when I die I feel small, McDonald and Kim suggests that although television and video games both use motions pictures and visual languages, their interactions are different. For instance, television presents a story or an ongoing event that the viewers can only experience it with their eyes and ears but they can’t interact with it. In another word, the viewers can’t take control of the content they’re watching on the screen. However, in video games, the players can interact with the characters of the game like directing its movements, its actions and emotions. More specifically, the players can take control of the environment in game, the character in-game is a virtual version of their identity. McDonald and Kim also mentioned in their article “When I die, I feel small” about the companion of video games to children. The portability of video games make it become the companion of children than television, which means the child can take his video games everywhere. For example, in a vacation trip instead of staying at home watching cartoon on television, the child can play his GBA or PSP. Therefore, video games become a surrogate companion to children which can make an impact on the child’s psychological development in its early age. Television contents usually have a plot which...
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