Informational Report of Macbook Air

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Informational Report of MacBook Air

I. Inspirations of MacBook Air
In today’s world the electronic market is concentrated on the most powerful and compact devices that will be able to do the same work as regular size devices. In the twenty-first century, people like to have internet access everywhere they go. Most students need computers at school. Unfortunately most laptops are heavy and inconvenient to get around with. This inspired Apple Company to come up with an idea to create a notebook that will be less than one inch thick and yet as powerful as laptops that are twice its size. Apple has been around since 1976 when it was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The history of Apple Company is as fascinating as is the "technical" story of Apple's operating systems. Steve Jobs introduced the first MacBook Air during a speech at the 2008 Keynote. The MacBook Air was introduced as the thinnest and most powerful in the world so far. Designed for everyday use its light weight and compact size makes it very easy to carry around where ever you go.

Apple Company represents a high standard in electronic device market, the price range for a new MacBook Air is between $999- $1599. The price gets higher depending on the features and performance specs of the new notebook. Here are some of the features and performance options that affect the price of a new MacBook Air: display resolution, size and weight, storage, memory, the processor, and graphic card. Every MacBook comes with a 90 day telephone support, and one year warranty.

Apple Company products are equipped with a different operating system then other brand laptops. In the beginning Apple Company named it "Mac System Software" and later changed it to Mac OS which it is now known as. This specially designed operating system was at first created for the Motorola processors that used Macintosh...

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