Information System of a Super Store

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Computer Systems in Super Store Management


Information Systems in Super Store Management
I. Orientation to the Report
A. The Authorization Facts Ms. Shakila Yasmin, Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), authorized us to assess the various Computer Applications in a Business Organization. We have chosen two leading superstores for this purpose - Meena Bazar, one of the Country’s largest departmental store chains, and Etcetera Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. (ETC), one of Dhaka's first non-essential commodity retail outlets. Super stores (or departmental stores) offering wide range of products- from vegetables, meat, grocery, and beverages to stationeries, toys and cosmetics were not uncommon in Bangladesh. Transactions of such stores were however always done manually. Submission of this report is due 04 February 2007 B. Objective of the Report Objective of this report was to learn about the various applications of Computer systems in a typical business environment and analyze the applications in terms of the different aspects covered in our “Computer Applications and Programming” course. We conducted our study on Meena Bazar and Etcetera Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. (ETC), and identified the multipurpose role of computer systems in managing such stores. The main objective was to relate our knowledge of computer and its applications to superstore management. C. Data Collection Much of the information comes from interviewing Kazi Inam Ahmed, Director, Meena Bazar, Rashed Al Mamoon, In-charge IT, Meena Bazar. Remaining data comes from a questionnaire survey done on number of employees who are working at different management levels in MEENA BAZAR.

Computer Systems in Super Store Management


II. Overview of Meena Bazar and ETC
Meena Bazar, one of the Country’s largest departmental store chains started operation of its 1st outlet from 1st November 2002, at Dhanmondi. The 2nd outlet was opened on 1st August 2004 in Khulna. They offer about 40,000 items that include grocery, readymade garments, jewelry, cosmetics, stationary, toys and other baby items, beverage and food including a wide range of agricultural and dairy products, electronic goods and many other household essentials. With so many superstores in the city, entrepreneurs are now looking into various ways of differentiating their stores from others. In this regard, Etcetera Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. (ETC), has already defined its niche. From books to exclusive shoes, the store sells all kinds of high end products that attract mainly affluent customers. Here, expatriates as well as locals have found an antidote to once frustrating experience of finding quality brand items in the local markets. Etcetera originally started out as a bookstore and expanded into one of Dhaka's first non-essential commodity retail outlets. It launched its first outlet in Gulshan in December 2001. Since then, Etcetera has established trade links with leading publishers like Oxford University Press, Penguin, Pan Macmillan, Faber and Faber, Time Warner and Harper Collins. It has also brought international brands like Barbie, Hot wheels and Fisher price.

Computer Systems in Super Store Management


III. Major Findings
A. Foundation Concepts Information Systems and Technologies An information system People Hardware



any of

organized people, software,

combination hardware,


Information System Resources

communications networks,

and data resources that collect, transforms, and (see disseminate information in an organization Figure 1).


Figure 1: Components of an Information System

Business professionals rely on many types of information systems that use a variety devices and of information technologies. (word-of-mouth) For example, early departmental stores used simple manual (paper-and-pencil) hardware informal communications channels. However, this is quickly changing and super stores now use computerbased...

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