Information on Different Types of Computers

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Information on Different Types of Computers
(Classification Essay)


This essay is about the three types of computer systems: netbook, desktop, and laptop. They all have a different in function and purpose (they function according to what your needs are). The desktop is perfect if you are looking for a computer that is non-portable, high performance, tough and affordable. However if you are someone who want something a basic computer to surf for online information, or for a starter computer, than a netbook is right for you. However, it is not meant to download huge data or set up large applications. A laptop is an ideal choice if budget is not a major limitation, and if you want a high performance system with greater capacity and high storage. In addition, a laptop is portable. For instance you can take it to class as well as anywhere else that you need to. You have to consider these few essential factors before investing in any computer system to benefit your needs. Therefore now that you understand the chief differences among the three computer systems: netbook, laptop, and desktop. You will be able to choose on that fits your needs. According to, the definition for computer is “Also called processor. An electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations”. I will inform college students about the different types of computers: netbook, laptop, and desktop.

The first type of computer is a netbook. Netbooks are basically compact laptops with less processing power. Netbooks are ideal for basic use and generally have good Internet speed for browsing the web. The disadvantages of the netbook compared to a laptop are that they do not run complex office software; since they do not have the same processing power of a laptop. Netbooks are unable to support the same...

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