Information and communication technology

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, School Pages: 5 (1430 words) Published: October 15, 2013
ICT in Teaching-Learning Process
Ms. Sharma
21st Century is the age of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). All over the world, there is a trend to use ICT in the teaching-learning process. There is rapid shift of educational technologies and political force, so as to shape the structure of system of education across the globe. ICT is an important instrument, which can transfer the present isolated, teacher-centered, book-centered learning environment into a rich student-centered environment. This new type-learning environment developed by the ICT is called Interactive Learning Environment. ICT is a new paradigm of the teaching-learning process; it aims at transferring the old traditional paradigm of teaching learning to the new paradigm of teaching learning. Introduction of ICT into teaching-learning process has changed the traditional concept. ICT defines learning as natural, social, active, linear or non-linear, integrative and contextualize, based on ability and strength of the student. Hence, Use of ICT in teaching-learning environment can bring a rapid change in society. It is essential for the teacher to determine the best use of ICT in the context of culture, need and economic-social conditions. Educational institutions need to develop strategies, plan to improve the teaching-learning process and ensure that all teachers are well prepared to use tools for learning. The emergence of the knowledge-based society is changing the global status of education. It is the time to develop a new knowledge based global society. The key to success lies in finding the appropriate points for integrating technology into new pedagogical practice, so that it supports more reflective self-directed activity. Designing and implementing emerging new technologies in higher education will enable to escape from conventional methods of teaching and learning. Technology acts as a catalyst to support change in teacher's pedagogy. With new technologies, a teacher is no longer the sole source of knowledge, but instead is a guide or facilitator who support student learning. Students in their new role become empowered as creators of things they could not create before, or as a researcher with technology providing access to information from all over the world. It introduces students to a real world enquiry approach, rather than relying in solely on textbooks and the teachers for information to learn. This new way of thinking absent learning requires many changes e.g. it involves challenging teachers thinking about how technology is used and needs technical support, appropriate hardware, software continual skill development, new policies, new assessment procedures, school planning for networking etc. Therefore, ICT based teaching methodologies must be used in teacher education at present time. The last 20 years have seen some remarkable innovations in the delivery of education. The technologies available today and those about to emerge, have the potential to transform the nature of education and the roles of learners and teachers in the learning process. Explosive growth of technology is fuelling a new wave of teaching tools: Computer Aided Video Instructions (CAVI), Hypermedia, Multimedia, CD-ROOMS, LANS, WANS, Internet Connections and Collaborative Software Environments, Instead of 'One-way' information flow i.e. a teacher addressing a group of passive students, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based teaching-learning strategies have made this process, a 'To-way' information flow. These strategies have involved more student teacher interaction, collaboration between students and interdisciplinary approaches. That is why, ICT is seen as a wonderful knowledge media. The extensive use of technology has enabled the teachers and learners to identify and use technologies that integrate with their teaching and learning process. One of the most powerful reasons for considering integrating ICT in Education is that they put learning...
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