Influnce of Technology in Human Resource

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The Influence of Technology in Human Resource Management
Human resource management is primarily the process of interacting and managing the internal workforce of an institution or organization to influence their working patterns and encourage their performances to better the prospects of the company they are working for. The Human resources department of any organization is trained in human relations to motivate the employees to use their skills in the best possible methods. Technology therefore, in this aspect has introduced itself to enhance efficiency in this department. It has enabled human resource managers to dispense their routine administrational duties in an effective way. The basic improvements that technology can bring in the field of human resource management are streamlining of operations, efficient collaboration and communication with other departments in a short period of time and removing the barriers of communication that prevents internal and external integration of resources. It facilitates the process of departmentalization of a company so that tasks maybe allocated to each department with effective results. It plays a major role in outsourcing employees. Technology has take outsourcing to new levels where more and more people can be integrated into business operations and functions. With the growth in the number of people using online technology, more companies are hiring people creating virtual business bonds all over the world. In areas like website creating and marketing analysis etc, outsourcing thrives because of technology. Technology has also improved service quality and costs as well. While the human resource management team looks into the needs of staffing they have become more tech savvy in their search for employees. Moreover the quality of work expected from the newly hired employees is also higher with the implementation of technology for increasing their efficiency. The human resource department has changed to cater to the...
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