Influences Which Have Shaped My Life

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“Who am I?” is a frequently asked question of many young people today. Each of them is eager for finding who they are supposed to be, but leaves behind what have influenced their lives. In truth, if we take a look at these influences, it can be a good opportunity to find out the real “us”. In every person’s life, he/she has met a variety of kinds of people and has dealt with problems at all degree, from the most serious to the least annoying ones. However, not all of those can have an influence on his/her life. I myself become a person like who I am now because of dramatic impacts from particular people around me and events in which I got involved.

My Parents’ Strength and Courage beyond Anyone I Know
Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped my life is my upbringing in a traditional family combined from Northern customs (my father’s side) and Southern customs (my mother’s side). My father comes from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, where there are full of traditions and strict rules (particularly in my father’s family). Actually, Hanoi has just celebrated the 1000-year-old Ceremony, which means that some of these traditions have lasted for 1000 years. Consequently, the durable survival of the custom has a very strong impact on the Northerners’ lifestyle. My father is not an exception. Specifically, he is a typical example of diligence and rigorousness. When I was a little girl, doing homework and reading books before class used to be a precedent at home. In addition to my study, there were also some criteria on other things such as wearing formal apparel whenever going out, going home before 9PM and so on. Up to now, this kind of lifestyle has been in my blood, of course along with small changes. One more special thing about the Northerners is their ceremonious behaviors to everybody, especially the person they meet for the first time. A few of my friends, who are clever enough, also have an impression of ceremony about me. In general, it can be said that the one who has most influenced my characteristics is my father. On the other hand, Southern conduct also has shaped my life. My mother is from Dong Thap, a province in the South of Vietnam. Southern women have some symbolic attributes in common. They are very simple, gentle and kind, which makes their own beauty. Standing out in all manners is their love and sacrifice for their family. However, because they are in charge of most of housework, they sometimes become dominant. My mother seems to have all these features. In fact, she makes me know how happy a lady is if she can take care of her family, especially her children and see them grow up. Besides, she is a mentally strong woman, who has taught me to be proud that I can have everything in life with efforts, passion and foresight. As a result, when I have to be far away from home for studying or any reasons in the future, I am confident that I can overcome life challenges because the faith in myself that she has given to me will never change.

My Coach, an Energetic Lady!
A great sense of humor, an energetic heart and an enthusiastic teacher is what my coach in aerobics left in my mind. As being a good coach, she also fulfilled the responsibilities of the School Youth Committee. Therefore, she is not only a very strict trainer in sports but also a very well-organized person in work. During the time we had practiced for a sporting event, it was not the aerobics performance that we learned, but it was the lesson of being self-controlled in a group as well as in public. Additionally, whenever a team member has problems in love, family or any matter, she is the best advisor I have ever known. The distances between a coach and athletes and between a teacher and students are replaced by the true friendship among best friends. This thing makes her more and more special in my mind. From her, I have shaped my belief that respect and...
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