Who Has Impacted My Life

Topics: Term, High school, Cheerleading Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Who Has Impacted My Life
Whether you’re young or old, it is almost guaranteed that at least one person has made an impact on your life. Whether the impact was big or small, long term, or short term, someone has influenced your life in one way or another. However, impacts are not only made by people, but by events that have occurred in your life. Throughout one’s life multiple people and events will shape who you were, are, and will become. As a young child, before starting school, children are mostly impacted by their parents and/or siblings. I remember when I was young; I used to watch my mother type on the computer. Of course, I wanted to do whatever she did, so she taught me how to type. I still remember most of the typing tricks she taught me. Though this event might seem minute, it is still considered an impact. Once you start school, you meet more people and experience more events that could possibly impact your life. I have a younger sister and we often compete with grades. This is a very positive impact because it pushes both of us to strive harder to make good grades. Another impact involving school is the transition I had from Lamar Consolidated High School to George Ranch High School when I was in tenth grade. This transition was very rough. The work ethic at George Ranch was way more demanding than it was at Lamar. At first, I thought this was a negative impact because of all of the hard work I had to study more for, but when I actually thought about it I realized that all of this hard work will prepare me for college. Therefore, this impact also turned out to be a positive one. Another important thing that has impacted my life is cheerleading. Though many people may think all cheerleaders do is just chant at football games, it is way more than that. We are required to cheer at many of our school’s sporting events and attend most of the school functions. This sometimes becomes really stressful and challenging, especially when I know that I have a...
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