Influences of D-Day

Topics: Operation Overlord, World War II, Normandy Landings Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: May 11, 2013
What are the strategies involved in planning

There are many important factors concerning the D-Day attack during World War II made by the Allies of the invasion in Normandy. When Hitler seized the western part of Europe in 1941, the Allies decided that France was the starting factor to invade the German Nazi front and change the tide of war while the Red army attacked from the east. To stop Hitler from advancing, Churchill and F.D.R. proposed to strike the German forces. Their proposal created an outbreak through devious and enduring plans revolving around the capture of occupied France including those such as “Operation Fortitude” and “Operation Overlord”. Many strategies had to be coordinated to allow for this mission to be a successful attack.

1940- “Combined Operations”-The Allies created the COSSAC, which stands for “Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander.” This operation is led by Frederick Morgan, and its purpose is to choose the place of landing for the mission, gather information from the previous missions, and to coordinate the troops’ transportation.

August 1942- “Operation Jubilee” was a landing near Dieppe, France and was an attack to test the German defense system. The Allied soldiers were sacrificed to time the German’s reaction on this attack of an opened second front in Western Europe.

1943- “Leader Conference”- The Allied leaders met and created an offense at the Quebec Conference. They decided that Normandy would be the pinpoint for the invasion in Western Europe. The beach was just right for them to come ashore because of its stable conditions. The composition of the Norman beaches is relatively close to those found along Western England. Thus, the soldiers could train on the other side of the Channel and they could even test the resistance of the tanks on this particular type of sand whish was a huge benefit to practice the invasion.

December 1943- March 1944- “Operation Fortitude” is where the Allies...
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