WW1 Western Front

Topics: World War I, Allies, Military alliances Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: October 20, 2013
World War 1 was the first major global conflict. On one side called the triple alliance there was Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy (who ended up switching sides). On the other side called the triple entente there was the British, French and Russians (who ending up dropping out of the war). The triple entente was commonly known as the allies especially after the Americans entered the war in 1918. Many questioned wether the Allied leadership was effective. Yes, the allied leadership was effective as in the end they got there job done. Firstly they demonstrated that they followed a Learning curve and adaptation, Secondly they showed a lot of Bravery and Lastly the had great tactics in the Last 100 days of war.

Allied leadership showed that they followed a Learning curve and adapted to their mistakes. Everyone has to go through a learning curve in order to achieve something. The Allies went through the bad part of the learning curve with Ypres (1915), Somme (1916) and Paschendaele (1917). They made lots of mistakes in these battles losing a lot of men. They adapted from Ypres and Somme to dominating at Vimy and from Paschendale to the Last 100 days that included Aniemme, canal du nord, and defeating the Heindinburough line. Obviously the Allies won the war which completed their learning curve. The Allies improved a lot throughout the war and it was necessary to go through a learning in order to achieve something.

During the war allied leadership showed tremendous bravery, confidence and courage in Ypres, Somme, Vimy and the Last 100 days. Ypres was a difficult time for the allied forces as it was the first time that they had seen poisonous gases released by the Germans. The Germans punched a hole threw the allies line but the allies Canadians stood there ground and kept there line and won the battle. Somme was a bloodbath battle with over 600,000 casualties for both sides. Even though the Allies lost so many men they showed bravery by going “over the top” and this...
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