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Influence of Islam on Society

By Anna123454 Apr 14, 2013 348 Words
While Islam was becoming an influence in the kingdoms of West Africa, Islam was developing another civilization along the coast of East Africa; many people were converting into Islam and Islamic trade was being developed. The Islamic religion had brought a strict set of rules and ethics along with them. Although there were many changes in the role of religion from 1000 to 1500 CE in East Africa such as the arrival of religion, developments of different languages and trade, there was much continuity as well such as the role of women and people in the society had continued to worship other religions. East Africa had consisted of many changes; trade being one of them. Many people in east Africa had relatively traded, the amount had profoundly increased after Islam came into power towards the beginning of 1000 CE. Trade increased significantly around the Indian Ocean, in which Muslim merchants were brought into the east coast of Africa. Africans traded glass, pottery, and textiles, along the east coast of Africa where the Muslim merchants had traded. The economy brought forth a prosperous amount of wealth, which was used for public works such as public buildings or mosques out of stone. Wealthy merchants and ruling leaders of these interchanging cities had dressed in expensive clothes such as silk clothes; they had also used porcelain imported from china and beans from India. East Africa grew into a successful trading economy with the help of Islam’s expansion over time. Although this had happened in East Africa; the very same events were similarly happening in other parts of Africa as Islam enters and the economy grows. Another change in East Africa was the developments of different languages. The Primary language of eastern Africa begun to change as Islam expanded throughout Eastern Africa. Through cultural diffusion a new language was produced. This language a mix of Arabic (Islam) and Bantu(East Africa) and is in the present day known as Swahili. Although there were some changes; there were also continuities in Eastern Africa one of which being the Role of Women.

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