Industrial Training Report

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I.T.I. Ltd. was the first public sector undertaking of the free INDIA. It was established in year 1948. The first manufacturing unit was established at the Bangalore complex in Karnataka under the name of Indian Telephone Industry Limited (I.T.I.). Ever since, as a pioneering venture in the field of telecommunications, it has contributed to 50% of the present national telecom network. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across six locations and a countrywide network of marketing/service outlets, the company offers a complete range of telecom products and total solutions covering the whole spectrum of Switching, Transmission, Access and Subscriber Premises equipment. ITI has largest production unit situated in Bangalore manufactures most of the equipment needed for telecommunications. Also located at this unit are 2 well – equipped R&D labs. ITI joined the league of world class vendors of Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology with the inauguration of mobile equipment manufacturing facilities at its Mankapur and Rae Bareli Plants in 2005-06. This ushered in a new era of indigenous mobile equipment production in the country. These two facilities supply more than nine million lines per annum to both domestic as well as export markets.  The departments in ITI Bangalore plant are:

* Telephone Defense products (TDP)
* Information Technology (IT)
* Surface Access and SAT-COM (SAS)
* Research and Development (R&D)
Their main customers are Railways, Defense and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL). The company is consolidating its diversification into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to hone its competitive edge in the convergence market by deploying its rich telecom expertise and vast infrastructure. Network Management Systems, Encryption and Networking Solutions for Internet Connectivity are some of the major initiatives taken by the company. 

Secure communications is the company's forte with a proven record of engineering strategic communication networks for India's Defense forces. Extensive in-house R&D work is devoted towards specialized areas of Encryption, NMS, IT and Access products to provide complete customized solutions to various customers. 

Chapter 1: Research and Development
This department consisted of several sub departments:-
* Elemental as well as Umbrella
* Optical
* STM Interfaces
* O/E & E/O Converters
* 2/34 Mbps Optimux
* Encryption equipment
* Encryption equipment for Voice / Data for Bit Rates of 16 kbps/ 64 kbps * E1, E3, STM-I, STM-4 & STM-16 for various media -wired & wireless * Voice/Data/Fax Encryptor
* IP Encryptor
* Satellite
* IDR (Intermediate Data Range) Systems
* Ku Band Satellite Systems
* Wireless
* WISS SVBF (Wireless Siren System with Simultaneous Voice Broadcast) * Microwave Equipment 8 GHz E1/STM-1 Radio
* Digital Access Products
* Programmable MUX
* Protocol Converters
* Consumer Premises Equipment
* CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) telephone for Navy * 5B & 5C telephone sets for Defense forces
* Sound Powered telephone
* System Engineering
* Network Planning and Design
* Mobile Communication Vehicles
* Ruggedisation


It consists of two main components
1.Indoor Unit.
2. Outdoor Unit.
Indoor Unit is housed inside the system. Its various parts are: 1. ARM Controller Card
2. Display Card
3. PC
4. Software Key
5. Plesio digital Hierarchy (PDH)
6. Synchronous digital Hierarchy (SDH)
7. Analog modem card
8. Digital modem card
The ARM controller card which is LPC 2378 is connected to the PC using RS232 or RJ45. The PC could be desktop or laptop. The ARM controller is connected to display card that has LCD, LED...

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