Industrial Revolution and New Immigration

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Industrial Revolution Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Industry and new immigration
Chapter 3

Immigrants in the 1800’s had a tough time a lot of them had a language barrier. The industrial revolution started before the civil war and immigration to the USA is not new. There was new generation of immigration called the ‘new immigration’. It was named to distinguish who came in European Jews, Italians and others. They were crowded into sweetshops and factories, these new immigrants tied to develop their old skills in to their new surrounding and workplace. All the immigrants that came made a strong local presence, even though they were poor. Each nationality had their own little place or town. That is why a lot of cities now have china towns and other immigrated towns. Most immigrants lived in tight apartments or houses, most apartments were filled with many families. One apartment held the same nationality of immigrants, an apartment that was designed for 3-4 people a group or 10 or more could’ve been there. According to document 1 (Chinese Immigrant lee chew Denounces Prejudice in America, 1882 .pg 72) a Chinese boy goes from china to San Francisco and is treated unfairly. He gets a job but is shunned upon. He gets $3.50 which he saves $3 per week. They were not allowed to bring their wives in to America and marrying an American is an outcry. Other immigrants are allowed to citizens if they pass Chinese men aren’t allowed to be, according to him all the other immigrants are below his nationality. But the Chinese are fit to become citizens if they were allowed to be. Many immigrants suffered hardships; the places they lived in were dangerous and full of crime. They lived in self-contained communities separate from the Americans. These self-contained communities were called slums. In these communities they had the freedom of speaking their own language and were able to follow their own customs. They followed their own religion freely. Document 3(Immigrant Thomas O’Donnell Laments the workers Plight, 1883. Pg74)...
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