Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Revolution in various ways. First it states that a revolution is “a sudden, radical or complete change.” Secondly revolution can be defined as “an activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation. Another definition says that revolution is a “fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change in paradigm.” Finally Webster states that a revolution can also be considered as “a changeover in use or preference especially in technology.1”

All of the above definitions can be used to described the great impact that the Industrial Revolution had on the World. The Industrial Revolution changed everyone’s way of life, including socioeconomics, ways of thinking and visualizing and ways of use and preference. The Industrial Revolution occurred during the time period of 1750-1850. The Industrial Revolution is considered by many historians to be a major turning point in history which affected daily life in almost every aspect.

Reasons for the Revolution
In doing research on the Industrial Revolution, one of the topics talked about often was the Textile Industry. There were certain inventions that helped spark the revolution. One of them was called the Spinning Jenny. The Spinning Jenny was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle Lancashire in England.2 The machine was useful because it simplified the process for creating yarn which was very valuable in the textile industry. For example one could work on as many as eight or more spools of yarn at one time, whereas before one person would work on one spool of yarn at a time.

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution
One of the ways that the Industrial Revolution had an impact was on income. A working person’s income grew rapidly. This is because during this time period there was a move from just using manual labor and using...

Bibliography: July 30, 2012
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