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Individual Project 3

By rjfauv01 Jun 17, 2013 1026 Words
PHIL340-1302B-01 : Ethics for the Technology Age
Professor Melvin Sanchez
Colorado Technical University
Phase 3 Individual Project
By Richard Fauvell
June 10, 2013

For this project I have chosen to do the first problem about C#. Since I’m not that familiar with the C# program, I first would like to explain what C# program is. C# program is a programming language that is very similar to both Java and C++ in many respects. But for this project I’m only going to give a couple of the similarities that Java, C++, and C# have with each other. First of all, Java, C++ and C# were all conceived from the C programming language Secondly, when I looked up the history of C#, I found out that it first came out in December 2000. It has many similar features that both Java and C++ have. When Microsoft created C#, they did it by taking some of the features from both Java and C++ tweaked and enhanced them and incorporated them into C# to begin defining and making C# unique from both Java and C++. The one similarity between C# and C++ is in the fact that many of the features from the areas of statements, expressions, and operators were taken from C++ to create C# (Microsoft 2013). One similarity between both C# and Java is that when they both startup, they both gather the program, Java loads it to a higher language and then to Java bytecode and C# gathers the program but sends it to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) where it can be run by having these programs (higher language and Microsoft Intermediate Language). But with C#, more support is given in order to interpret the language code into machine language. There are many more similarities that are associated between C# and Java for which I don’t have any experience in using. The information that actually compares C# with Java is from: Now to answer the question as to the kind of impact where un-be-nouns-to-me my company signed a contract with the government that says all the programs that are created must comply with ADA and section 508. This is not as easy as it sounds. I believe that for one thing, the screen resolution that is now set to 1440 x 900 will now have to be modified for those people that have visual problems. This is because the higher the number (1440 for example) the smaller the pixels (dots per screen). This means that in order to make everything bigger where others won’t have to strain to see the small print, small icons, be able to read anything on the screen of the computer (and not as much information will fit on the screen), you would have to make the number for the resolution less to make everything larger on the screen like instead of having a resolution of 1440 x 900 as stated above you could lower the resolution to as low as 800 x 600 pixels per square inch. The graphical icons would have to be updated to allow people with disabilities to access them using different add-ons that could be added to the computer to make it more user-friendly for people with disabilities that would like to use a computer but can’t. These add-ons I have found that the Microsoft Corporation has added some utilities to their Microsoft Windows platform that can be used by people with disabilities to help them be able to not only be able to read the screen but also added a narrator to let people with visual impairments be able to hear what is on the screen when they have trouble reading it. There is a website called Microsoft Accessibility that has many websites on it from different companies that sell products for the windows platform which can be used to make the computer more user friendly to people with disabilities. I’m sure there are other sites that sell products for the disabled to make their computer more user friendly, but this was the one I found. I do believe that this issue should have been addressed earlier so that there would be no more delays. I find that the company was kind of rude in not mentioning to me about having a contract with the government and about the Section 508. This company should have at least let me know that they were in negotiations with the government. At least then I would have had a chance to look over the program and prepare to see what changes are needed in case we get the contract. It was just plain wrong for them not to say anything and just expect me not to say something. I believe that because I was not informed about the contract with the government and Section 508, it will now take extra time to make the changes required to allow the disabled to use this software and because of these changes, the graphical icons may have to be redesigned from scratch because of the government contract.

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