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Topics: Regression analysis, Educational psychology, Skill Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Transfer training is refers to the effect that knowledge or abilities acquired in one area have on problem solving or knowledge acquisition in other areas. Transfer of training should be considered as an essential requirement for the effectiveness of training programs and for the advancement of real workplace. In this report, we are going to do a summary and evaluation on characteristic, working environment and supervisory and peer support influence to the transfer of training. Summary

1) Characteristic influence to the transfer of training.
The research of trainee characteristic influence training transfer is about six employee characteristics (conscientiousness, self-efficacy, motivation to learn, learning goal orientation, performance goal orientation, instrumentality) and one work environment characteristic (transfer of training climate) were captured for 130 trainees in a large industrial company in an attempt to predict training effectiveness (training grade, supervisor evaluation of the application of training). The results strongly support the predicted links, although not all the predictor variables contributed a statistically significant share of the explained variance of the training outcomes. Motivation to learn and learning goal orientation were found to contribute most to predicting training outcomes. 2) Working environment influence to the transfer of training.

The main issue of this study is to test how the work environment factors (supervisor support, peer support, opportunity to use and feedback) influence on transfer of training. For this purpose, data was collected from 350 employees of private manufacturing firms in the Yangon region, Myanmar. The results of SPSS version 17.0 with multiple regression analysis indicated that three work environment factors (peer support, opportunity to use, and feedback) were significantly and positively related to transfer of training. Contrary...
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