Indian Independence Movement

Topics: Africa, Indian independence movement, World War II Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Compare & Contrast Essay

During the 20th century many nations had many movements of civil disobedience. Many countries all over the world were imperialized by Europeans. After WWII Europeans didn’t have many resources to keep power all over the world. Many countries took this opportunity to gain independence. Both, South Africa and India had many similarities and differences during the civil disobedience movements after WWII.

Both of the independence movements in India and Africa succeeded in gaining independence from European colonial rule. Mohandas Gandhi's lead in the 1920s in India caused Britain to grant independence to the Indian subcontinent after WWII. Similarly, independence movements in Africa also succeed, as South Africa gains independence before World War II, Egypt (under the lead of Gamal Nasser) gains independence in the 1950s. The countries also had a difference. Unlike India, whose independence movements were often led by revolutionary leaders, Africa often lacked such leaders who could lead the independence.

As nationalism was stirred in both regions, independence movements in India and Africa were driven by the people's desire, not by authority. Even the revolutionary leaders, such as Mohandas Gandhi of India and Gamal Nasser of Africa were not told by the authority to lead the independence movements, but gained popularity and support from the public. People were revolting due to the unfair treatment they received from the European rule. There were also many struggles in both areas. The source of internal conflict in India was the division between the Hindus and Muslims, which was caused by their own cultural background. Contrastingly, the source of internal conflict in Africa was the division between the natives which was caused by European imperialists, who had drawn boundaries between their African colonies previously. Both regions were characterized by internal struggles while revolting...
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