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Blatant disregard of commitment, multiple partners, open relationships and premarital sexual escapades are a few things that have had no place in Indian culture. That is, until Bollywood decided to reinvent entertainment. What initially shocked now merely intrigues. Packaged as harmless entertainment, movies are slowly changing the way we see things.
Does real life inspire reel life or does real life aspire to what is projected in reel life? The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Art — be it movies, literature, music or paintings — is inspired by the dramatic and unique aspects of real life and are framed appropriately for either artistic expression, entertainment value or both. Sometimes this very act deems them acceptable; for others, they are framed because the audience is likely to accept and relate to it. Bollywood movies are certainly no exception. Movies inspired by the underworld such as Company,Gangster and Satya lent a human face to social ‘rogues'.
The other subject now popularly reflected in Bollywood themes is the changing societal values and norms in India concerning relationships, sex and notions of privacy. Delhi Belly depicts a couple spontaneously kissing in the heat of the moment at the back of a car, oblivious to friends in the front seats. Men and women with no sexual relationship nor any immediate intentions are routinely shown sharing the same bed in several movies such as Wake up Sid, Anjaana Anjaani, Band Baaja Baaraat etc.
Business as usual
Multiple, overlapping relationships or casual sex are not moral matters anymore as shown in Ishqiya, Band Baaja Baaraat, Anjaana Anjaani, Break Ke Baad, orLove Aaj Kal. Amrutha Sathyan, a 26-year-old online advertising professional from Bengaluru says, "I think the most realistic movie of this day and age is Band Baaja Baaraat. There is often a fine line when you cross from the platonic to the dark side. While narrating incidents to friends, the most common line used is, "Man I was so drunk

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