Dil Chahta Hai Scene Analysis

Topics: Aamir Khan, Dil Chahta Hai, Bollywood Pages: 5 (2159 words) Published: November 17, 2013
 “Dil Chahta Hai” is a “coming of age” movie. It tells the story of three individuals, bonded in friendship during their years of carefree bachelorhood and how they evolve into mature individuals as time passes, to come out stronger within the bonds of friendship in adulthood than they had been in youth. The two scenes in Goa reflect the coming of age of all the three main protagonists. One comes almost at the beginning of the movie. It shows the three men perched on the wrecked remains of a fort overlooking the ocean. It is a poignant scene that depicts the intensity of the bonds of friendship between the three friends, and for the first time, allows the audience a glimpse into their underlying natures- the mature, serious and emotional sides of themselves. In that scene, they talk about coming back to this exact place every year for a couple of days, just to unwind. It represents a landmark in the movie where for the first time, they shed their immature personas and in a few compelling moments, pledge their friendship to one another, effectively rendering this site special, almost sacred to their friendship. There are two scenes shot in this site. The aforementioned scene and the climax scene, where they are depicted at making good of their promise to come back to the place of the incidence of their pledge to one another. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the nuances between the two times, and the transition, essentially capturing the birth of the three protagonists’ pledge to one another, to the time that the promise is carried out in the climax. It is as if the friendship is given real meaning in the first scene, where the viewers are given insight into the depth of their kinship for the first time, and the last scene is to celebrate the success of a triumphant bond. Life is not a perpetual party, and the former scene is the first time the protagonists seem to acknowledge the fact within their own company. A couple of things come into play in this scene. Firstly, Sid’s maturity is underlined as he endeavors to explain how stealing a week away for themselves might never be possible. The most grounded of the three, he understands that life is not a walk in the park, and they were at the precipice of life-about to take responsibility for their own selves at last. The other two however, are so optimistic and ignorant of the trials of life, that they insist that it is not an impossible dream, and things will always stay the same. Their friendship was strong enough to be infallible. The scene is shot so the landscape is integrated into the frame as Sid talks about life- as if the world at large was finally coming into focus, into perspective. However, that stops as Sid resigns from the argument with a sigh upon Akash’s intervention, effectively securing their bubble again, cutting out the landscape at large as only the three characters are left in the frame. The entire scene is staged so the protagonists’ natures are depicted in their stances. Akash and Sameer are seen perched on the very edge of the fortress wall, precariously positioned as if to drive home the idea that they are careless, and prefer to sail close to the sun. Sid is much more grounded, with his feet firmly planted on solid ground, not taking any unnecessary risks with his life. After a few moments of heartfelt conversation, the scene ends in their usual camaraderie, with Akash chasing Sameer in the opposite direction of the ocean. As they exit the place, Sid follows Akash and Sameer through the open field carrying their baggage, scenes that are shot in several abrupt jump cuts- signifying a distinct lack of time as their time in Goa is coming to a close. The characters in this movie are somewhat unique in their individual distinctiveness. The entire film on the whole strives to deliver an individuality-be it in terms in color use, interior play or the penning of each character. Akash is the resident funny guy, who...
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