India-Pakistan relations and Mumbai attack

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The two countries are playing cat and mouse game since their independence. They have fought four wars in their history, first in 1948 soon after independence but in December 1948 a cease fire was accepted by both states although in the year of 1950 Nehru-Liaquat Pact was also signed to safeguard the minorities of both states, second in september1965 and this was followed by the Tashkent Declaration on 10th January 1966, it was a peace agreement between India and Pakistan., third 1971 which paved the way for 1972 Shimla Accord between Bhutto and Indira, and fourth was in 1999 the Kargil war. There are also other incidents excluding these direct confrontation known as war which create tensions between the relations of these two countries like attack on parliament in 2001 and many others.

The major cause of their confrontation is not one, some relates it with the issue of Kashmir and some with religion but the big realistic thought points out the problem of terrorism which is not effecting India only but definitely it is effecting India-Pakistan relations because of some terrorist groups running from Pakistani territory many times India has been accused Pakistan for not taking appropriate actions against these groups. The Pakistani leadership has gambled away its last good will in India by its non-cooperative conduct after the terrorist strikes in November 2008. Only a fundamental change of Islamabad’s course toward India, especially with regard to the existing terrorist networks on Pakistani territory, could lead to a truly constructive new beginning of the bilateral relationship. However, considering the current abysmal state of affairs between their countries, both the elites in India and Pakistan are far away from the well-informed geopolitical view by the erstwhile Mughal dynasty (1527-1857) at the peak of its power toward this region.1 Both countries started time to time established relations through trade, communication, sports, etc. and countries that trade don’t go to war with each other. While this argument has been debunked repeatedly throughout history, many—including the U.S. government—still believe that increasing trade between estranged neighbors and nuclear rivals India and Pakistan will reduce the likelihood of conflict. Till 2008 in spite of some differences, they developed relations as comparison to their history but the Mumbai attack by LeT disrupted all. In this attack around 163 people were died including 15 foreigners and 10 militants.

Mumbai attack and its effect on indo-pak relations:

Bilateral relation changed from sweet to sour when a group of terrorist attacked Mumbai on 26 / 11. 138 Indian nationals and 25 foreigners –nine of them Jewish persons from Israel and the US– were killed when 10 Pakistani nationals belonging to a Pakistani jihadi organization called the Lashkar-e-Toiba (‘Army of the Pure’), who had clandestinely traveled by sea from Karachi without being intercepted by the Indian Navy and Coast Guard, landed in Mumbai, split into four groups and spread death and destruction in the seafront area of Mumbai for about 60 hours from the night of 26 November to the morning of 29 November 2008. Soon after this incident trade and also bilateral dialogue on various political and economic issues were suspended.2 Till 2008 their relation were for better than past but this incident blocked all. The November 2008 attacks have been assessed as an attempt at disrupting the Indian economy, and putting a halt to foreign investment as well as tourism. The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his address to the nation on 27 November 2008, mentioned that the “The well-planned and well-orchestrated attacks, probably with external linkages, were intended to create a sense of terror by choosing high-profile targets,” He said that New Delhi would “take up strongly” the use of neighbor’s territory to launch attacks on India.” India blamed...
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