Indemnity and Texas Alliance Volleyball

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Honesty, Integrity, and Character

Texas Alliance Volleyball, LLC 2011-2012 Club Contract
Texas Alliance Volleyball, LLC (“Texas Alliance Volleyball Club” or the “Club”) is very pleased to extend an invitation to participate in our Club for the 2011-2012 club season! In consideration of the Player whose name is set forth below being allowed to participate in activities with the Texas Alliance Volleyball Club (the “Activities”), the undersigned hereby enter into this contract (the “Contract”). Attendance Policies 1) Texas Alliance Volleyball Club is expected to be your priority sport throughout the club season. If your child must miss a tournament due to conflicts with other sports or school events, then it is her responsibility to notify the coach and/or club director well in advance of the event so that the coach can adequately prepare, make arrangements, etc. 2) If a player is going to miss a practice, she must call/email the coach 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so can effect playing time at the next tournament. Exceptions will be made in case of emergencies. All missed practices are expected to be made up by arranging to practice with another team as soon as possible. Any practices missed due to an injury or illness does not have to be made up. 3) It is mandatory for all top 14’s-18’s to attend either the USAV National or AAU National tournament. All other teams that wish to participate will follow the same post season payment plan set forth below. For teams participating in post season, the season will extend to the early part of July 2012. Teams participating in postseason play are required to participate in an extended post season schedule. Families are likely to incur additional travel costs. Upon the signing of this Contract you are agreeing to participate in all post season practices and tournaments. Any team that accepts a bid USAV Junior Nationals MUST attend the USAV Junior National tournament or otherwise the Club is subject to being sanctioned. Financial Agreement 1) The Player’s Parent and/or Legal Guardian set forth below assumes responsibility for payment of all costs, fees, and expenses associated with the Player’s participation and membership in the Club (“Club Fees”). The Player’s Parent and/or Legal Guardian understands that payment of all Club Fees is required in full and that all payments are non-refundable. If a Player leaves Texas Alliance Volleyball Club before the end of the scheduled Club season, you agree to pay all remaining Club Fees, except in the case of injury. All injuries will be treated on a case by case basis. Depending upon the severity of the injury remaining fees may be waived entirely. 2) This form and a deposit of $500 are required in order to secure a position for the 2011-2012 season. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your 2011-2012 Club Fees. All remaining fees may be paid in advance all at once or in payments as set forth below. 3) All installment payments will be due in six (6) equal monthly amounts on the first day of the month beginning August 1, 2011 and each month thereafter with the last payment due on February 1, 2012. If a payment is not th received by the 15 of the month, the player’s account is considered delinquent. Any player with a delinquent account will be temporarily suspended. If a player is suspended due to a delinquent account, the player must attend practices and tournaments but they will not be allowed to participate until the issue has been resolved. 4) Fee Schedule: Traveling Teams: - 2011-2012 Club fees for players (12s-18s) on traveling teams are $2,852. - Installment payments as follows: - $500 deposit payable upon signing, plus; - 6 monthly installments of $392.00 each, due as set forth above. Local Teams: - 2011-2012 Club fees for players (12s-18s) on local teams are $2,300. -Installment payments are due as follows: - $500 deposit payable upon signing, plus; - 6 installments of $300.00 each, due as set forth above. Page 1 of...
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