Inclusive Practices at the Workplace

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Diversity - means varied or different, so in a social care setting the importance of diversity means to recognise and respect the importance of people’s differences and wishes and to treat them as individuals.

Equality - means ensuring that everybody is entitled to equal rights and opportunities and therefore preventing discrimination.

Inclusion - means to ensure that everybody is made to feel respected and has a sense of belonging. They should feel included and be able to actively participate in activities and be valued for who they are.

Discrimination - means unfair or unequal treatment to ether an individual or a group on the grounds of race, age, sex, gender, disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. It means that they are treat less favourably than someone else in the same situation and unfairly disadvantaged or excluded.


Discrimination can affect not only the individual directly, but also their relatives or friends. The potential effects could be Affect self-esteem
Affect confidence
Cause stress
Feelings of isolation
Creating tensions
Could lead to labelling or stereotyping
Could also affect the individuals’ hopes, expectations, and their trust.


Inclusive practice helps to reduce the likelihood of discrimination. It is also to ensure that people are treat as individuals and with respect enabling mutual respect and trust to develop helping service users feel included and can actively participate in all situations and activities.

Human Rights Act
Equality Act
Essential Standards
General Social Care council (GSCC) Code of Practice

You would be held accountable for your actions which would lead to disciplinary actions by management. The outcome would depend on the severity of your actions which could result in a warning or getting fined and/or dismissal. The organisation may get called into the place of work for disrepute, and worst case scenario would be prosecution.

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