Incident Report

Topics: Injury, Alternating current / Pages: 3 (536 words) / Published: Apr 21st, 2013
Date: 2nd May 2012
Time: 03.40 p.m.
Place: Electrical Trade Workshop
On 2nd May 2012, Electrical Trade power transformer was exploded and causes a minor injury to 4 students from the trade. The Fire Department from Kuala Terengganu had cleared the area and 2 specialists from Tenaga Nasional Berhad had come for further investigation. The Head of Department from Human, Safety and Health had been informed.
On 2nd May 2012, En Julaihi Hamid, the security guard was doing his daily routine of supervising the area at The Electrical Trade and its facilities. He then suddenly, noticed a white light smoke come out from one of the main power transformer placed at the west wing of Electrical Trade workshop. He then went to inform the technical technician, Mr Syahir about the life threatening situation.
As the technician try to call Electrical Trade Head of Department, a huge flame were already covered half of the transformer and the smoke become darker. A loud explosion then happen and some of the student that have their practical session at the wiring bay panicked upon hearing the loud noise. Mr Aliff Imran, the student’s learning facilitator quickly ask all of his student to go out from the wiring bay as he also don’t know what actually happen.
Upon hearing their LF’s instruction, the student then rushing to the assembly field B but some of them intend to investigate what really happened. As they come nearer to the explosion area, another massive and huge explosion happened. Mr Aliff then heard a loud screaming and he turns his back to check for the screaming. He then noticed 4 students lying on the ground. Two of them seem injured as bloods were split all around their chest and their uniform. One of them stays unconscious not far from the drain and the last one yelling for help.
Mr Aliff then calling his colleagues to help him taking the injured students away from the

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