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Incandescent Light Bulb and Thomas Edison

By AndyJames23 Apr 12, 2013 499 Words
A key to success in my life
As Thomas Edison said, "Success is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration". It is what separates success from failure. The story of Thomas Edison is always very inspiring. He never gave up and looked back. In contrast he persevered so many times that he achieved all his goals. Once I prepare my mind to reach my goals, I just have to go on and perseverate. One of the greatest examples of the power of perseverance is Thomas Edison. This was one of his most famous qualities that he was known for his experiments. As we all know, Edison’s most famous invention was the first long burning light bulb that revolutionized indoor lighting as we know it today. I've managed to learn that taking advantage of the experience of my attempts may achieve success in all that I propose. Life is programmed to fix the problems that happen during the time, through analysis one does to make mistakes and persevere in solving them. The solution is by achieving the proposed goals. that is how as a teenager, I got my first job that with effort and hard work manages to be one of the best in that business which works two years. I managed to overcome my problems to overcome, learning from my mistakes. I learned that when you work hard also the only company I had at that age was that of my parents and the unconditional support they gave me would not find anywhere. I try every day of my life to have the attitude of being strong in achieving an objective or goal, and be willing to fight any adversity that is in the way to keep going. Every time I have an obstacle where I feel I can not anymore, I have to know that if you really want to do something and I put my mind, I can reach all the goals that I raised. Life here can be very complicated at times, and a clear example of this, is that getting a job can be very complicated because it is not very easy to obtain. In my family it has always been the phrase "Who perseveres, achieves" indicating the significance of the perseverance to get what they want. I have done everything possible to persevere; an example of this has been my marriage. Now I have a daughter, I'm sure their welfare endure, my wife's and mine, and as a family to achieve total success. This will not be an easy situation. But perseverance is measured by attempts in which the goal is reached. Take what life has thrown at you and throw back ten times harder. Everything is possible to those who believe so start believing you can and keep pressing on. Nobody is perfect, so if I fail I know that I’m on the right way because I know I will achieve my objectives. Life isn’t easy and I will never give up.

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