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Topics: Hernán Cortés, Spanish colonization of the Americas, Aztec Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: January 28, 2014
Amarea Jones
7th period
The Effects and Impact of European Expansion Writing Assignment Paragraph 1: Comparing and Contrasting the Aztecs and the Incas: The Aztecs settled in the central valley of Mexico in 1200 A.D, while the Incans settled in the Andes Mountains. The Aztec civilization spoke the language nahuatl but the Incans spoke Quecha. Francisco Pizarro defeated the Incas civilization with only few hundreds of men and The Aztecs were conquered by a conquistador named Hernan Cortes, who destroyed the population of the Aztecs by the small pox disease. Although these two civilizations had many differences they also had several similarities. They both had a polytheistic religion, in which they sacrificed humans for their gods. The Incans and Aztecs both had a successful military made up. But sadly, both civilizations were defeated by the Spanish conquistadors. Paragraph 2: Comparing and Contrasting Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro: Pizarro and Cortes were two conquistadors who were so similar in comparison but very different. Pizarro and Cortes were both supported by Spain. They both held the leaders of each empire hostage. Also these two conquistadors were both promised to be governors. But Cortes was born into a wealthy family while Pizarro was born into a poor family. Pizarro did get to conquer the Inca Empire, but he was assassinated. Cortes did conquer the Aztec Empire and he got to die lavishly in his bed. Paragraph 3: How the Europeans defeated the Native:

The Europeans were able to defeat the Native Americans because of advanced weapons/armor, agile horses, and the transmitting of fatal diseases.
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