Hernan Cortes To Defeat The Aztecs
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Broken Spears Hernan Cortés was a Spaniard who defeated the Mexica Confederation in many different ways. The most successful tactic he used to defeat the Aztecs were by European Weapons, but he also had different ways. Cortés had different advantages that the Aztecs didn't, the Spanish brought over small pox. Many of his people were immune to it while the Mexica Confederation was not. Many people thought the Spanish were gods and gave them many gifts. Motecuhzoma thought Hernan Cortés was Quetzalcoatl, which was a god they were waiting for. He had two translators that were able to help him through his journey. The two translators knew different dialect; he had La Malinche and Geronimo de Aguilar. Hernan Cortés had many advantages that allowed …show more content…
The Aztecs saw the Spanish as gods and showered them with gifts and sacrifices. Him and his people were seen as gods, which was one advantage that Cortés knew he had control over. He knew that if he can control the Aztecs that he would be able to take over their land. The Spanish saw the kind of resources and how rich their land was of gold and started to take full advantage of the Aztecs. They didn’t like some of the things that the Aztecs did so feelings of hate began to arise within the Spanish. The hate that the Spanish had they got other enemy tribes to go against them and help take over the rest of the land.
An advantage that Hernan Cortés and his people were not really aware of until later was that the Aztecs were dying from the disease small pox. The Spanish were the ones that brought over diseases that not many of the tribes were use too. His men were immune to it, but the tribes weren’t, so the Aztecs started getting very sick and were dying. Cortés was benefiting from the disease he brought over because many of the native population were dying. Along with the Aztecs dying, the enemy tribes that were against the Aztecs and were fighting alongside Cortés were dying as well so that was one

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