In What Ways Is It Hard to Believe in a Religion as a Teenager Growing Up in Britain Today?

Topics: Religion, Faith, Big Bang Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: April 21, 2013
In What Ways Is It Hard To Believe In A Religion As A Teenager Growing Up In Britain Today?

What is religion and how to worship different ones?
Religion is very hard subject to describe and talk about to each other. Religion is a type of belief and a system that creates a powerful and long-lasting meaning; many religions have symbols, traditions and sacred histories that give a meaning of life. (Wikipedia) Most religions have precise/specific behaviour system, such as how and when they pray, how they present themselves and their holy place of worship and their holy scriptures. Religion is often used for meditation, music and art. The Britannica encyclopaedia says that “Religion is the relation of human beings to god or the gods or to whatever they consider as sacred, or in some cases, merely supernatural.” There are many religions on our planet and some of them are not yet discovered. All religions have a different perspective on god and how god created us. But sometimes we have religion to fall back onto when we have had some kind of mid-life crisis, for example someone has just been told that they are going to pass away within the next 6 months as they have cancer. That person might refer or go to their belief or religion.

The day and age that we live in Britain is very modern and most people are allowed to have their own opinion of choice compared to other countries were most decisions are made for teenagers. Teenagers in Britain are free and are allowed to, mostly, make decisions for themselves, such as choose their hobbies that they enjoy doing instead of their parents choosing, which is likely to happen in other countries. Sometimes it is hard for that the teenagers to make the decision and are not pressured but are maybe nervous and anxious that they have made the wrong decision.

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One of the main reasons it is hard for teenagers growing up in Britain to believe in a religion and stick to it, is the British media. The...
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