Desicion Making Teens

Topics: Adolescence, Decision making, Peer pressure Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: May 1, 2007
Adolescents are constantly faced day to day with different decisions. Some decisions are simple to make because we are faced with them everyday day, but others are difficult because they are not ordinary decisions that would have to be made on a regular basis. Preparing for these situtaions will lead to a positive outcome. All decisions come with consequences either positive or negative. These consequences can also have risks either mentally or physically to oneself. Then why do people make the wrong decision and put their selves into bad situations. Why do adolescents choose the wrong way when the right way is just as easy? Some seem not to care about consequences or they have a lack of knowledge on the subject. In this essay I am hoping to answer these questions and provide some examples of good and bad decisions made by people today.

All decisions made in a day will have consequences. Making the right decision will result in positive consequences and making the wrong decision will result in negative consequences. There are tons of examples of people's bad decision-making but one I will address is drinking and driving. Drinking and driving is always bad decision and has very harsh consequences. The consequences of drinking and driving today are: immediate suspension of license, hefty fines, mandatory alcohol education classes and vehicle impoundment. Along with these consequences come lawyer fees, which can cost around 50,000 dollars when finished. All these consequences can be simply avoided if a good decision is made. A good decision in this situation would be to take a cab or call someone to come pick you up. This cost of a cab is so small compared to the price that would have to be paid if you were caught drinking and driving. So why do some adolescent teens make the wrong choice in this kind of situation. The reason I think these people make the wrong choice is that they go with the odds of not being caught. This is a very bad habit, because if one is...
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