In the Eyes of a Child

Topics: Rooms, Doctor, Hospital Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: April 15, 2013
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Amber Morris
Jane Harrington
3 March 2013
In The Eyes Of A Child
When children have to go see the doctor or have to go to the hospital, it can be very overwhelming and scary to them. Not understanding why doctors do what they do to help us, children associate the word doctor or hospital with “pain”. Even as an adult, a hospital is not are favorite place to be. For a child, getting stitches, a shot, or even their blood pressure checked can be traumatic. It was 12:00AM on a Saturday night at the local hospital, when a small child walked through the double-paned sliding glass doors of the emergency room. He was a short, chunky kid with long brown hair and small framed glasses. He was wearing blue jeans and a red Power Rangers t-shirt. His hand was wrapped in gauze and he held it close to his body to assure he didn’t bump into anything. His parents had a disgusted looks on there faces as they entered the over-crowded, body-odor-filled waiting room. It was packed with people of all ages from crying babies to elderly people on oxygen and in wheelchairs. There were only seats available were near: an old man in a wheelchair wearing an oxygen tube in his nose, who was fast asleep with his head hung low, dentures falling out of his mouth and a strand of drool dripping from his mouth and almost reaching his leg; the couple responsible for the overbearing stench of body odor; and a young woman with her foot wrapped in an ace bandage and propped up on the Morris 2 chair next to her. The woman gladly moved the injured appendage to let the family have a seat. The woman curious as to what had happened to the little boy, engaged in a conversation with him. “Whats your name?” She asked him.

He tucked his head behind his dad’s arm as if he was shy. His mother told him, “Don’t be shy and tell the woman your name.”
“My name is Timmy McFallon.”...
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