In Search of a Room of Ones Own

Topics: William Shakespeare, Gender, Writing Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: November 29, 2010
“In Search of a Room of One’s Own”
In the Elizabeth era of History performing arts was everything. Society did not have DVDs to watch and iPods to listen to; they went to plays and operas for leisure. A time of history when some of the best play writers and considerably authors were discovered. In Virginia Wolf’s “In Search of a Room of One’s Own” she emphasizes the difference between the lifestyle of a man compared to the lifestyle of a women during the Elizabeth era, in how a man had so many more opportunities to become a writer than a woman did. Women could have never been outstanding poets, because they were never able to acquire the skills necessary. “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”(pg.386) In order for a woman to be able to write she must have money in her family. Money was crucial to have, because it was needed to receive an education. A woman also needed a room of their own, in order to write and the only way for a woman to have a room of their own was if her parents were extremely wealthy. Having a personal room allowed the writer to relax and think by their selves without any disturbances. Woolf created Judith Shakespeare to show the reader the difference in opportunities compared to her brother William. Judith never had time to sit and relax to write in a room, because she was always being asked to complete chores around the house. When she was able to find ten minutes to spare for writing she had to burn the evidence of her secretive passion, because she couldn’t chance being caught by her father. So even though “She had the quickest fancy, a gift like her brother’s for the tune of words.”(pg. 386) she couldn’t put her great talent to use. Everyday lifestyle for William Shakespeare was much different and much better than Judith’s. William was able to receive a daily education, because during that time the family would always give the privileges of education to the son in the family. The father believed...
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