Improving Our English Vocabulary

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Improving our English vocabulary

Someone once said to me ‘There is no tool of greater value than a dictionary when building your vocabulary’. And I must say that I completely agree with that saying. Undoubtedly, the best way to learn a language - to immerse ourselves in the culture of another nation, living among those people who do not speak your mother language. Whichever way to learn a language we choose, the foundation of success is a good vocabulary. In Ukrainian schools it is generally recognized that the best way to learn words - rehearse. Sure, repetition is necessary, but this is not the only tools available to those who study English or other languages.

However, there are simple and effective techniques that significantly speed up the learning process and make it less boring. To my mind if you really want to learn English you have to find free time every day and make yourself learning something. We often lie to ourselves when we say that have no time for studying. Actually in most cases people say it since they just don’t want to feel guilty about skipping something. And I’m not exception. Anyone can find time, just stop being so lazy! You can learn new word by listening to music, watching a movie or reading, you often come across a word you have never heard, or, seen before. This is the time to pick up a dictionary and learn an unknown word. Read the meaning and write it down. Periodically throughout the day, repeat the word to the point of redundancy. The word will become a part of your vocabulary.

Another way to improve your vocabulary is using cards. I think everyone in his life tried that method. This method is really simple and common. But I think it gives very good results. Every time you come across a new word or expression that you would like to remember, cut out a square of paper, on one side write the English version, on the other - Russian. You have to repeat the words throughout the day, at least five minutes, a few times...
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