Improving Healthcare

Topics: Health care provider, Health care, Healthcare Pages: 5 (1497 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Improving Local Health Care Though Information Management
Kevin L. Coleman
Strayer University
Professor: Dr. Pica-Branco
HSA: 520
November 24, 2011

Assess health care in your community and make recommendation for incorporating telecommunication. Health care is always in constant flux of improvement, due to innovated technique in surgical instruments and surgical procedure; advancement technique in medical equipment, and improvement in information management and information technology. The greatest impact that these improvements are felt in local health care facilities. Local clinics, hospitals, and private health care providers all use some type of new medical advancement to give their patience the best medical care possible. Although new technology is available, technological improvements should continually be update by all care providers at all times. When assessing my local care provider there are two improvements that should be implement to make service much better for the community who uses their services. The two recommendations are better appointment notifications and scheduling, and telemedicine. The use of the internet would be a big help in helping patients to remember appointments. The use of the internet (since most people use the internet for just about everything) will have two effects on increasing efficiency and minimizing cost. A cost wise hospital are clinic would use the internet to ensure themselves that there patients will honor the appointments they have schedule or the doctor have set themselves which could minimizes labor cost, because doctors will not wasting there time patients who do not show up for appointments, and the health care provider can decrease or increase staffing because they will know how many of there patience will be actual coming to there appointments. Using the internet can allow the health care providers to have two communication with there patience. If a patient can not show up for an appointment, the internet will allow health care administrator the flexibility rescheduling patience appointments to not only meet the need of the patients, but it also gives the healthcare provider time management efficiency. Next recommendation would be telemedicine. Telemedicine would be a tremendous asset for the local providers in my area. Telemedicine provides homebound patience’s the ability to excess their primary care givers via telephone communication and satellite television. This type of IM/IT innovation would have an immediate impact for elderly and rural patience. In my area telemedicine would limited the need for patience to make appointment to come into a doctor office for merely follow up informational session; it will aide in emergency procedure until emergency help can arrive (good example of the uses of telemedicine is in child birth emergencies), an assist in surgical procedures where medical facilities are scares. This type of innovation has been used between surgeons in the United State assisting surgeons in France to perform heart surgery and reconstruction surgery. Telemedicine has the potential to make health care within the area a lot easier on the community and for medical institution the possibility tremendous profitable for all area facilities. Analyze your local health care services provider and make two recommendations for applying various improvements. As stated earlier telemedicine and the internet can be very viable in providing great health service to a community, but there other entities in analyzing health care that would also be highly recommended. One such recommendation is the implementation of “Baking in” administrative workflow policy that establishes alerts, reminders, evidence, order sets, and Automatic billing (Glandon, Smaltz, and Slovensky 2010). The workflow alert factor establishes a trigger in the electronic medical record system, that when a provider orders new drugs for a patience that interacts negatively...
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