Importance of Sexual Intimacy in Families

Topics: Marriage, Love, Family Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Intimacy, or “the interpersonal process that involves the expression and sharing of emotions, communication of personal feelings and information, development of shared affection, support, and feeling closely connected with another person,” (Agnes, 2009, pg. 104) is probably the most important factor in making a relationship last. There are two types of intimacy: sexual and psychic.

“Intimacy involves sharing.” (Agnes, 2009, pg. 104) With sexual intimacy, you are sharing your sexual side with your partner. If you don’t have this type of intimacy, you will most likely need psychic intimacy, or the ability to disclose yourself to another person, in order to have a relationship with another person. Each type of intimacy can develop from the other or lead you to develop the other. In my experience, the people who I am friends with are people who I can talk to about almost anything. This is an example of psychic intimacy. While I don’t have sex with them, we still have that relationship that we have built over time. “Research on married couples indicates that partners who are self-disclosing and openly express feelings of love to each other perceive their marriages to be more intimate and score high on marital adjustment. Psychic and/or sexual intimacy enhances the will to commit.” (Agnes, 2009, pg. 105) “In love, committing oneself to another person requires the determination to develop a relationship ‘where experiences cover many areas of personality; where problems are worked through; where conflict is expected and seen as a normal part of the growth process; and where there is an expectation that the relationship is basically viable and worthwhile.’” (Agnes, 2009, pg. 105) In my friend’s parent’s example, they don’t have this level of love. They haven’t figured out that problems and conflicts are needed to be worked through rather than “throwing in the towel” per say. “Love-and commitment- aren’t meant to be all work....
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