Importance of Newspapers

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Importance Of Newspaper---Newspaper Reading-- Newspaper and Modern Life The modern world is a world press and morning newspapers. The Press or Media is often called as the fourth pillar of a modern country. Although Internet and TV Channels are posing a challenge to Newspapers, yet Newspapers still enjoy a very prominent place in our life. We cannot do without Newspapers. When we get up early in the morning, the first things that we want to have is a cup of tea and our daily newspaper. The newpaper is there, on our breakfast table, awaiting our perusal. We are eager to know what is going on in the country and outside it. The newpaper gives us all sorts of news of our own country as well as of other countries. It has been rightly remarked that the newspaper is something like a current history.

Newspapers play a very important part in the life of the modern man. People’s curiosity to know what is happening in the world and around us can be satisfied by our newspapers. Today each nation is connected with the rest of the world by the ties of trade and politics. The whole earth has become like a global village.

Newspapers promote commerce and trade. They have become a very powerful means of publicity and advertisement. A businessman can advertise his goods and services in a newspaper. He can increase his sale. He can also get information about goods he wants to purchase. In these days of keen competition newspapers are very helpful to the businessman.

Newspapers serve the cause of education and make us fit to move in a cultured society. The reading of newspapers will keep us in touch with the modern world and its affairs. In them there are articles on various subjects. There are special columns for science and arts. We find very useful for competitive examinations. The Sunday issue of the newspaper is very informative and important. In it we find good articles and interesting stories written by great writers. Through the...
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