Importance of Newspapers

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Newspapers and magazines play an important role in democracy. they act as mirror that reflects the views and opinions of the public and government. they not only inform us they even instruct and help us influence us to form opinions on important issues. Source of knowledge

As a source of news, newspapers are almost indispensable to those thirst for knowledge is insatiable. They contain news on events in distant corners of the world. news about these events reach people almost immediately. As a result people everywhere are informed about the event in the world very quickly and almost at the same time. Avoid wars

Newspapers play an important role in keeping the people informed about the troubles in the future .in this way wars have been avoided due to interventionl of some countries in the disputes of other countries which were given prominance in newspapers. Silent communicator

We feel that there is a silent communication among countries through the medium of newspapers for the common benefit of the countries of the world. constant reading of newspapers improves ones’s outlook on life and makes one more reasonable person. Politics

They keep us informed about the political situation of the world. their policies and activities help the voter to judge and carefully cast their vote during elections. Entertainment
There are informative columns on everyday entertainments like tv radio theatre movies exhibits and cable network presentations Exclusive pages
There are exclusive pages of on information for sport lovers, economists and businessman. Job opportunity
The eligible candidates eagerly go through the appointments section with a hope of finding a suitable job opportunity. Advertisement
There are number of classified advertisements like matrimonial alliances ,jobs kennels property dealings livestock etc there are columns on those who have died and the criminal report which knocks our...
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