Importance of Integrity Within the Ranks and the Effect a Lack of Trust, Loyalty and Discipline Has on a Unit in Peacetime and in a Time of War

Topics: Non-commissioned officer, Leadership, Management Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 4, 2013
I would like to reveal first and foremost that Trust, Loyalty, and Discipline are three exceedingly furthermost important characters of a person and or soldier. Trust is to and I quote “ rely on somebody or something”, “ confidently allow somebody to do something”, and “place something in somebody’s care”. This day and age in order to gain trust in a person you must have confidence in them to act accordingly of what was asked upon them of you. The situation can either go two ways positive or negative. In the positive form you can gain a sense of Trust in this person or there actions when they complete what you ask of them to do. In a negative sense the person can completely be unsuccessful at what was asked and now that shows you that you can’t Trust them simply because they were unsuccessful, but just because they were unsuccessful it may be reason behind it, if the person simply failed because they were lazy and just didn’t want to do it that is a good enough reason not to put ANY more trust in that person. If the person did all they could do to complete what was asked but they ran into situations that were completely out of there hands then you cant too much blame them and not trust them. As far as trust within the unit I think you have to have an good unit moral to have good trust within the unit. Good trust and unit moral comes with normal day to day things and how the people within the unit treat each other. If all the or the majority of the NCO’s were bad influences and there not good leaders in general the soldiers will not put no Trust into there NCO’s simply because there not being good leaders so therefore they can’t be trusted by there actions of being an unsuccessful NCO. If it was the other way around and the NCO’s were being all they could be for there soldiers, showing, teaching, helping, and assisting (Leading The Way) the soldiers would Trust there NCO’s and know they will be there for them and they will not let them down. Then Trust and moral...
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