Importance of Deep Reading

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Importance of Deep Reading
Both of these texts lead to the theory that the Internet, over time, may rewire our brains so that we are less capable of sustained attention and deep thought. They explain how the young brain needs years to develop skills such as: deductive reasoning, analogical skills, critical analysis, reflection, and insight. This pivotal dimension of time is potentially endangered by the digital culture’s pervasive emphasis on immediacy and information loading that embraces speed and can discourage deliberation in both our reading and our thinking. Both papers also bring up sources that include Socrates’ views on learning and deep thinking. He cautioned his society against learning to read because he believed that literacy could alter the kind of memory processes required for the young brains to deeply pursue and internalize knowledge. Socrates worried that the consistency of writing would delude young people into thinking that they had learned the “truth”, when they really just scratched the service.

I definitely agree with the points they are making in both essays. It does seem as if the Internet and other processes we use today for learning are all pushed and loaded upon us that it goes one ear out the other. We have to constantly keep learning new things while we haven’t even truly dissected what is the true meaning of what is in front of us yet. Nicholas Carr and Socrates both promote the idea that deep reading and thinking becomes not just philosophical or theoretical, but biological.

We should care to read these essays because they are, and will be a part of our future. It can affect our kids and grandkids on their learning curve. Until we find a substantial way to learn, we will never truly find our worth.
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