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Import-Export Imbalance in Philippines

By daphnedger Dec 15, 2012 276 Words
Import-Export Imbalance:
1.- The negative trade is heavy and only counterbalanced by the service account surplus. 2.- Over the last two decades, Philippine exports have shifted from commodity-based products to manufactured goods. 3.- In the midst of the current global economic recession, the exports of electronics, garments and textiles are yet to reach a level of import neutralization. 4.- We can solve it by apply a tax directly to consumer and every one confront the problem in their money and not in the check in to the country. 5.- We need to improve more moral consumer philosophy.

6.- We need to improve more native industry.
7.- We need to improve more native export.
8.- We need to improve more cooperatives applications to best micro economy. 9.- We need to improve more citizen empowerment by Personal Monetary emitting. 10.- We need to improve more popular access to micro credits. This is a problem long time ago the imbalance of import-export products due to the industrialized neighboring countries, Philippine has nothing to do to compete them because of their low cost labors and raw materials. Agricultural products and aqua cultured products are the possible advantages of Philippine in terms export because of the country's vast water premises. also human resource for foreign employment. What we need is control the importation and only import product that is really necessary and products that we do not have.Exportation is one of the key in helping our economy and we must export all Philippine products and we need to make changes on the rate charges to invite more Philippine exporter and business owner to do export business.

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