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Impact on the haitian revolution to the caribbean

By shaniagiraffe Jan 07, 2015 334 Words
The Haitian Revolution
and Its Effects on its
Caribbean Neighbors

Research Question

What is the Haitian Revolution and how
did it effect its Caribbean Neighbors?

Thesis Statement

The Haitian Revolution began as a
mere fight for a nation’s independence
but turned into a symbol of
significance and hope to the
surrounding colonies of the Caribbean.

The Haitian Revolution

It is most significant as being the first
successful slave rebellion.
It is characterized and highly noted for
lasting thirteen years and for its fierce
and bloody character of the struggle
for independence, as well as for the
number of casualties and the nations

Toussaint L’Ouverture

He is the leader of the Haitian Revolution.
(Although many historians say that he had
nothing to do with the uprising while others
say he secretly organized the rebellion.)
A Creole who belonged to the slave elite,
later freed by his master.
His dominant characteristics are his ability
to manipulate and his skilled use of
He also owned and rented slaves and small
properties, making him a part of the class
of free colored slaveholders.

The Effects of the Haitian
Revolution on its Caribbean

After Haiti gained its independence, it
was used by the advocates of slave
labor in The Caribbean to prove to
Caribbean plantations needed to
continue to use slave or forced labor.
Sparked an interest in how effectively a
labor force could mobilize in Haiti upon
becoming independent.
The Revolution also halted abolition in
the Caribbean.


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