Impact of technology on family communication

Topics: Communication, Instant messaging, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Influences of Technology to Communication

Modern communication technologies are changing the way we relate with one another.  In the past few years, innovations in our communication have lead to a decrease in physical interaction among young adults. Teenagers are slowly moving away from face-to-face interaction and prefer to confine themselves indoors in order to spend countless hours using their mobile devices or laptop computers. And this is just an example of how technology is affecting communication. Our ability to communicate is sometimes altered by recent technological breakthroughs. These technological innovations refer to modern mobile devices, social networking sites and wireless technology. New technological advances are affecting the way information is handled on a daily basis. Everything new both have advantages and disadvantages. Given the said concept, it is undeniable that communication technology also has its share of positive and negative effects. POSITIVE EFFECTS

The way we communicate has been evolving since ancient times from cave paintings up to the present era dominated by tablets and smart phones. As we develop one method of communication to another, we have been striving to make it easier for us to converse with other people. We have greatly benefitted from modern communication. No restrictions – we can now contact anyone from anywhere without restrictions. With the help of mobile devices and wireless technology, we can instantly send our messages thru the instant messaging features of VoIP service and software. Building relationships – thanks to social networking sites and voice over IP apps, we can now connect with the rest of the world. We have more opportunities to strengthen relationships or start new ones thru video calling features provided by programs like Skype. Enhanced business solutions – technology has provided better business solutions to the global economy. It has given small companies the ability to create multiple...
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