Impact of Ict on Accounting Practices

Topics: Business, Management, Business ethics Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Blending Information and Communication Technology with Accounting Research Journal article by James E. Hunton; Accounting Horizons, Vol. 16, 2002 Journal Article Excerpt See below...
Blending Information and Communication Technology with Accounting Research. by James E. Hunton
The purpose of this commentary is to explore how information and communication technologies (ICT) have forever changed many aspects of business and accounting practice and, as a result, offer new and exciting research opportunities to accounting professionals and academics. In today's computerized, interconnected, global business environment, the accounting profession must deal with a hostof complex issues that never existed in the past--for instance, how to capture and record new business transactions and events, develop value-added business and information processes, create new value-chain and supply-chain opportunities, disseminate useful knowledge to a wide array of information consumers, and provide assurance services across the entire spectrum of economic activities reflect some of the more compelling topics of interest. Accounting researchers can add value to the profession by investigating these issues, among others, and presenting scientific results in a clear and understandable fashion to practicin g accountants. An important message of this commentary is that researchersin accounting information systems (AIS) and other areas of accounting, such as financial,auditing, tax, and managerial, should work together on projects, as each party can learn a great deal from the other. Synergistic relationships arising from such teamwork hold great potential to yield high-quality research results that can have notable impact onthe accounting profession. THE NEW BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTING LANDSCAPE

Over the past centuries, business practices and accounting procedures developed and matured a great deal, yet at a relatively predictable, slow, and controlled rate. We stand squarely,...
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